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Lambda is ultra flexible and lets you create stunning pages easily for any kind of site out of the box. Get started now.

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Research & Analysis

Lambda is ultra flexible and lets you create stunning pages easily for any kind of site out of the box. Get started now.



Basic search engine optimisation is fundamental. Lambda makes sure that your website will be always be accessible.

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David Van Dyke President/CEO

David Van Dyke, a resident Canadian entrepreneur that has previously lived in Asia for 20 years, is the founder of thinknao, an educational software developer and strategic consultancy. Formerly a VP and Director at Nokia, Motorola and Cisco and a manager at Bell Canada and Deloitte Consulting, David has diverse experience in sales, product development, strategy, team-building and crisis management. David speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Terence Graham Researcher

Terry is fluent in French, German and Mandarin. He has performed go to market and innovation studies for a number of organisations, including Cisco, IBM, PCCW, Microsoft, AWS, China Electronics Corporation and a number of regional mobile operators in Asia.

Stephen Golden Director

Stephen’s forte is international trade. Over his long, successful business career he has put together lucrative import and export deals that have involved companies in a variety of industries in China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Harold Goldin Advisor

Harold Goldin is fluent in Mandarin and literate in Chinese. In addition to two decades of adult education and training experience in various regions of China, and he has been a leader for several private sector education projects.

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