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thinʞnao is a Canadian company that was first established in China in 2009. The company was initially focussed on mobile education and built a number or apps that were both well-received and award-winning.

During this time it also did significant consulting work for the US State Department, advising the China EducationUSA group, on its marketing and engagement strategy for Chinese students wanting to study in America.

thinʞnao relocated to Canada in 2012 and incorporated in Ontario. The company is now focused on bringing its broad expertise to the Greater Detroit area.

  • Market Research
  • China Entry Strategy
  • China Business Regulations & Employment Advisory
  • Local Partner Sourcing
  • Translation and Interpreter Services
  • Contract Negotiation Support
  • Software & Mobile Development Outsourcing
  • Duty-free Trade Zones
  • Business Case Development

A Focus on China

Why us?

At thinʞnao we are guided by a North American business ethics foundation that makes no compromises when it comes to doing the right thing for our clients.

Our thinʞnao business advisors will apply their broad knowledge of doing business with Chinese companies to ensure you are fully aware of any risks and pitfalls that might affect your company’s business goals, even it means telling you that a Chinese business venture is the wrong way to go. We believe that good due diligence sometimes has no other option but a decision not to proceed.

When thinʞnao assists you, you have our pledge that all partner introductions are vetted by us and pass our requirements for trustworthiness, integrity and reliability.

Thinknao pays attention to detail. Prior to each engagement we carefully….

WE do more with less because we can… Shortcut to business success.

Constant communication, handholding if necessary.

To grow one client at a time.

Our Skills


Understanding the language and cultural nuances of doing business with Chinese companies is essential to your business success. thinʞnao business consultants know China.


thinʞnao advisors have knowledge and experience in all the fundamental elements doing business. Our network includes specialists in accounting, taxation, corporate and intellectual property law, technology, finance, HR and more.


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Our directors

Time to meet our team of technology and business professionals. Making all the hard decisions keeping the delivery on time

David Van Dyke President/CEO

David Van Dyke has previously lived in Asia for 20 years, is the founder of thinknao, an educational software developer and strategic consultancy. Formerly a VP and Director at Nokia, Motorola and Cisco and a manager at Bell Canada and Deloitte Consulting, David has diverse experience in sales, product development, strategy, team-building and crisis management. David speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Harold Goldin Advisor

Harold Goldin is fluent in Mandarin and literate in Chinese. In addition to two decades of adult education and training experience in various regions of China, and he has been a leader for several private sector education projects.

Stephen Golden Director

Stephen’s forte is international trade. Over his long, successful business career he has put together lucrative import and export deals that have involved companies in a variety of industries in China, India, Pakistan, Mexico, Canada and the U.S.

Terence Graham Researcher

Terry is fluent in French, German and Mandarin. He has performed go to market and innovation studies for a number of organisations, including Cisco, IBM, PCCW, Microsoft, AWS, China Electronics Corporation and a number of regional mobile operators in Asia.

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